Information About Breezynetworks Affiliates

If you are interested in earning a commission for promoting our services on social media, blogs, paid advertising or even just via word of mouth, we highly recommend that you join our affiliate program. Once you are signed up, we will provide a tracking link, as well as an affiliate dashboard, which will help visualize your visitors, conversions and monthly earnings. If someone clicks your link (or uses your affiliate ID in the form), submits their details and your lead is verified, you will instantly generate a commission. It doesn’t stop there however, as any further conversions (marketing service, new website, etc.) will result in additional earnings.


Form Submission Affiliates

Form Submission

We’ll pay R30 for every verified lead that is sent to our team. The verification process is necessary to determine interest, as well as making sure that the submitted details are valid. However, even if our quote isn’t accepted, you’ll still get your commission for sending us the potential client lead.
Marketing Services Affiliates

Marketing Services

In addition to the form submission payout, you will earn another R300 if the lead ends up paying for a marketing service, such as an advertising campaign. While we cannot promise a sale, our services offer excellent value and as a result, our conversion rates are good, meaning more cash for you.
Website Creation Affiliates

Website Creation

If your lead results in a brand new website sale, we pay you a whopping R1000. This is our highest single lead payout, mostly due to the potential to upsell once it’s finished. If you find someone who requires a minor change or improvement, please reach out to us and we will pay you a percentage.
Question About Breezynetworks Affiliates

Although the lead generation opportunities (above) represent our primary affiliate objectives, we would be happy to incentivise any new leads that you send to our team. For example, if you recommend us to a friend, who accepts our quote to improve his website’s mobile responsiveness, we will share some of the profits with you. In the end, we want our business relationship with you to be win/win, which involves rewarding you for advertising our services. If you want to sign up or learn more, please reach us via our contact page. If you are interested in freelancing instead, please check out the careers page for additional details.