Information About Breezynetworks Privacy Policy

In this digital age, the vast majority are making use of websites to interact with their favorite brands. This might involve finding a contact number, submitting a quotation request or simply browsing content about their services. When someone visits a page or performs some sort of action, it is often necessary for a business to track and collect this data, with the goal of improving various conversion rates, understanding their audience, measuring growth and following up with leads. If this is being done via analytics, heatmaps or other types of collection mechanisms, a privacy policy (such as this one) should outline what is being collected, how it’s used and ways it’s kept secure. This ensures legal compliance, while also showing visitors how their privacy is respected.


Tracking Details Privacy Policy

Tracking Details

This website uses Google Analytics to track various metrics about visitors, such as the traffic volume, pages visited and region. In addition, we a heatmap service to visualize the actions taken, with a goal of improving our conversion rates and figuring out what changes will have a real positive impact.
Communication Privacy Policy


We hate spam as much as you do, and will never send you any unsolicited messages. Our communication is limited to customer related services or answering queries that are submitted by the public. We also offer a monthly newsletter, but it’s optional and you can easily unsubscribe at any time.
Your Information Privacy Policy

Your Information

All data that’s tracked, visualized or sent to our team will be completely confidential. It will be securely transmitted and encrypted in our database. This information will only be accessible to limited staff, and we never sell or trade your details with a third party. We respect your rights to data privacy.
Question About Breezynetworks Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was intentionally written to be easily understood by pretty much everyone reading it (not just lawyers). While this doesn’t mean that anything important was intentionally left out, our support team would be happy to elaborate on the finer details, or clarify anything that you need more technical information about. Simply visit our contact page, where you will find our email address and phone number listed, as well as a link to our live chat service. We hope that you found this information useful and just know that no matter what, we will always respect your right to privacy, and take steps to protect it at all times.