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On-page SEO is the process of reviewing each page on your website, with the goal of optimizing it to earn better rankings and traffic from search engines, such as Google. There are also global improvements that are assessed, such your pagespeed, responsiveness on multiple devices and overall structure. These have a significant effect on user behavior metrics (as well as conversion rates), which is an important Google ranking signal. Once our experts are done, you can expect to see much better visibility (for existing and future content), as well as an improved user experience. This can be followed up with off-page promotion to get your site to the top of Google for certain searches.

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Google Visibility On-page SEO

Google Visibility

On-page SEO is an important step towards getting your website to perform well in the Google search engine. Once it’s optimized, it has greater potential to rank for specific keywords, provided you have content that is focused on them. New website rankings attract more free visitors from Google.
Content Optimization On-page SEO

Content Optimization

While writing new content is essential, we also look at opportunities to improve your existing pages in Google by boosting their relevance for specific keywords. Our team also makes sure that these landing pages are engaging, otherwise visitors may often leave before you are able to convert them.
Mobile Readability On-page SEO

Mobile Readability

Since more than 50% of your new visitors will be using a mobile device (on average), an important part of converting them into a paying client is ensuring that your site is readable and fully responsive. Google also rewards sites that are mobile friendly with better rankings so it is an important task.
Internal Linking On-page SEO

Internal Linking

Another priority of on-page optimization is making sure that all your pages, especially your content that is targeting keywords, is properly interlinked. This not only helps a visitor to easily navigate between content but also can boost relevancy and improve keyword positions in Google search.
Faster Load Times On-page SEO

Faster Load Times

Studies have shown that people are prone to leaving a website if their pages take too long to load. In addition to a potential loss in sales and bad conversion rates, website speed is one of the ranking signals that is used by Google to determine positions in their search engine, so it’s a high priority.
User Experience On-page SEO

User Experience

A good user experience is a critical part of running a successful website. They should be built to engage potential clients, not to scare them away to a competitor. We will review your site for code errors, graphical problems, layout concerns, “call to action” issues and anything impacting conversion.


On-Page SEO - Step 1

Perform an extensive on-page SEO audit for your website – Once your details are received, we assign the assessment to one of our SEO experts, who will spend about an hour performing a detailed analysis of your website. As noted above, we will research its responsiveness, load speed, internal links, user experience metrics (for issues), content and visibility. This does involve the use of enterprise tools, but it’s worth noting that it’s still a manual process that is performed by an expert who uses his or her experience to explore various aspects of your site. This is important to remember, as there are lots of online “SEO assessment” services that can spit out an automated, generic report that has no active thought behind it.
On-Page SEO - Step 2

Analyze the results and compile the on-page SEO strategy – Once the research is complete, the goal is to review the data and discover on-page problems that may affect your site’s ability to perform well in Google. Although we recommend fixes for all issues, we will prioritize them based on impact and focus on addressing the biggest concerns first, ensuring that you start seeing the benefits as soon as possible. Another major objective is to potentially re-purpose existing website content to target more valuable or achievable keywords in Google search. The SEO expert assigned to your site will perform some keyword research for your content and if some real gems are found, these pages will be flagged for a potential edit.
On-Page SEO - Step 3

Implement the approved on-page fixes and build a report – Our team will never make any modifications to your website without requesting your explicit approval for the changes. Keeping this in mind, the proposed changes in the on-page SEO strategy blueprint will be sent to you and once you are happy, we will implement them. This can take awhile, depending on the amount of work that needs to be done, but rest assured that your site is in safe hands. Our experts are experienced in this type of work and everything is tested extensively, before and after implementation. Once the tasks are finished, we will build a itemized report that outlines exactly what was done, along with the exact timestamps of the completed tasks.



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