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This type of content marketing involves posting engaging content to your social media accounts on a regular basis. Although building an audience is often the first step, they are not going to stick around if there is little communication coming from your business. The posts help keep them engaged and often result in new leads and clicks to your website offers. Your audience is also likely to share interesting content with their followers, further growing your brand awareness, trust in your business and fan base size. Social media also provides a way to interact with both existing clients and potentially new ones, making it a valuable communication platform for most businesses.

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Free Social Traffic Social Content Promotion

Free Social Traffic

Each post that is made on social media has the ability to send new visitors to your site. Although it’s recommended that not every update has commercial intent, this is great for generating interest in what you have to offer. We can even extend your social post to non-followers, if you need the visibility.
Audience Growth Social Content Promotion

Audience Growth

If your business posts engaging content to social media, it will result in new followers and shares from your existing audience. If you keep up a regular schedule of posting valuable and useful content, your fanbase will grow and they can be marketed to for free, making them a very valuable asset.
Brand Authority Social Content Promotion

Brand Authority

Engaging social media posts that offer real value to the community builds a significant level of trust in your business, especially to new potential clients. Even if your business has generated significant brand awareness and new followers already, it is the regular posts that often convert interest to leads.
Social Interaction Social Content Promotion

Social Interaction

Understanding your target market is highly important to running a successful business and social media will help keep a finger on your audience’s pulse. Problems with your services or products can be identified and you can focus on aspects that people love, both of which helps your business grow.
Lead Conversions Social Content Promotion

Lead Conversions

Although it takes a little time to build your audience and get into a routine of posting content to your social media accounts, the rewards are not limited to brand visibility, understanding your audience and earning new followers. Each post is an opportunity for you to generate new leads and sales.
Statistical Reports Content Marketing Plan

Statistical Reports

Most social platforms have robust reports that help visualize growth over periods of time, as well as ways to dig into the details to identify what efforts are providing good results. Measuring performance metrics is important, as it helps justify costs and time spent doing social content marketing.


Scheduled Social Media Content - Step 1

Business research and audience analysis – An effective social media content plan always requires a good understanding of the type of services or products being offered by the business. Our team spends about 1-2 hours reviewing your submitted information (from the form below) and your actual business to build a full company overview document. This will be utilized by our social media experts during the content creation process to keep posts highly relevant and focused on what is being offered by your business. We also perform a comprehensive analysis of your target market to completely understand what type of social posts will prove to be the most effective and add this information to your documentation for the next step.
Scheduled Social Media Content - Step 2

Content creation and social post schedule – One of our social media experts will use your company overview document to create a number of posts that will be sent automatically to your social profiles. Even if our plan is to make extensive use of image-based posts (especially if you want to showcase your work), there still needs to be some form of call to action, even if it’s just an encouragement to share it with friends and family. Additionally, they will be researched to fit each social network to maximize their impact. Lastly, the posts will be spread over the next 30 days (frequency depends on volume specified in the form) and automatically posted at specific times on a per platform basis that has been proven to improve visibility.
Scheduled Social Media Content - Step 3

Tracking, reporting and personalized guidance – Our team doesn’t stop after the scheduling process however, as a strong social content strategy involves a regular review of performance metrics. If there are any concerns, action will be taken and even if everything is proceeding according to our plan, we keep an eye on each posts effectiveness at achieving the goals of your business. All this information will be included in your monthly PDF report that gets sent to your email inbox. Lastly, we take the time to teach you how to manage your social accounts and answer social comments. As a business owner, you are best equipped to answer client questions and deal with concerns, but we will provide our expertise when you need it.



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In addition to promoting your latest blog content, latest offers or new discounts, how can we engage your fans? (Step 2/4)

It's a well-known fact that visual posts have a great engagement rate on social media. If you are able to capture moments from your current projects, finished products, etc, we can schedule them for your social audience.

If you would love to position your brand as an authoritative source of new information for people interested in your industry (and upsell services or products when possible), we can create news based posts for you.

Although these types of social posts will usually include an image as well, they are mainly focused on sharing interesting and little tricks, tips and guides that your fans will love and possibly share with others.

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